A Submissive’s Journey

She Writes Chaos
1 min readFeb 18, 2024

This is how the journey began
with rope and knots,
running, scared of myself
and a crash that shook me.
The journey began with comparison:
“How can she be so like me?”
when I was sure the darkness
was mine alone.
I have been tied up,
sinking so deep into the rope
that my eyes were black pools,
empty of thought or worry
but full of oh so much pain.
Each time I come down,
I discover a new height to drop from,
a depth to the darkness
that I did not feel before.
This journey belongs to me,
even though I am theirs-
those little bits of ownership
that have marked my soul forever.
The journey into my submission is mine alone,
a path I take
one step for each knot
on step for each ache
for each moment spent in service.
This is how the continues:
on nights when I put aside my outer skin
and lose myself to the submissive with in.



She Writes Chaos

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