Poem 16

Respond to poem 15:

We seek to feel in the night
the same as everyone else.
It makes no difference that
we are born of a night
where stars do not shine
and the moon does not glow.
We shine for them in love
and reflect that glow in quiet breaths
out again to the world

I am alive because i hear you
as you are alive because you hear me
Shall we forever be reflections of heartbeats
heard through this silent glass?

While in love we fall, ever more open
to the bruises of the tender hearted
Do not lie as I fall into your arms
with sugar laced dreams
Lord of that darkness, of that night
Promise me the truth:
that nothing can hurt me
because I am dead.



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She Writes Chaos

Polyamorous girl, homeschool mom, poetry writer. Here are my thoughts, judge them as you will.