Poem 9

Pick 4 verbs, 4 adjectives, and 4 nouns. Write a poem utilizing all 12 words.

warming, explore, strike, eating, iridescent, mystical, fresh, sweet, pinwheel, moon, forest, berries

In the stillness of the night
we strike out
walking the edge of the world
where the forest meets
the field of sharp tangled vines.
Berries as sweet as can be
jump into our pockets
and we explore
eating the fresh delights,
the offerings of a mystical world.
Pinwheel flowers twirl
stirred by the wind
and bathed in iridescent light
that warms out silvered skin.
How the moon shines
through your hair,
falling like water in soft foaming waves
I’m almost able to touch.
But though we adventure together
you remain just out of reach,
too stunning to be mine.



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